1706190335 My iPhone 15 Pro lasts a lot longer thanks to

My iPhone 15 Pro lasts a lot longer thanks to this setting

Anyone with an iPhone 15 Pro, or older, running iOS 17 will find that the battery can sometimes let you down. Fortunately, there’s a setting that, for the most part, makes short work of that.

The iPhone 15 Pro has now been in my inside pocket for four months, and I’ve been able to dig it out from head to toe. In it, I’ve found some handy tips, tricks and hidden features that I’d like to share with you.

In this series on our website, I’ll explain each of them to you to make sure you can get as much out of your new Apple smartphone as possible. In this article: a handy way to make the battery last longer.


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iPhone 15 Pro setting improves battery life

There are several ways to extend battery life, which can be disappointing with the iPhone 15 Pro. A while ago we talked about turning off ProMotion, but with that we were a bit wrong.

Fortunately, with the Always On screen, referred to as Always on, there really is something you can do. To really save battery, it’s best to disable this feature. In full.


Showing battery percentage

With the advent of Dynamic Island, your iPhone’s battery percentage is disabled by default. To see it again, you can follow the following steps:

Go to Settings
Select Battery
Turn on Battery percentage

Well convenient.

Although I personally also understand that it’s a bit of a waste not to use a certain feature if you would like to. In that respect, there is a middle ground in the form of the background.

By turning off the Always On screen background, you can still use the feature, but save quite a bit of battery.

To make that happen, do the following:

Go to Settings
Choose Display and brightness
Choose Always on
Turn off Show background

All tips, tricks and hidden features

After four months, the iPhone 15 Pro holds almost no secrets for me. I fully explored Apple’s latest smartphone and found a laundry list of useful tips, tricks and hidden features.

In this separate series I will explain each of them on our website, but if you want to see all the tips in sequence, I would like to refer you to the video below:

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