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Soon you will no longer need an account to send WhatsApp messages

Sending WhatsApp messages without having WhatsApp. It seems like something impossible, but soon it should become a reality. We’d like to tell you exactly how this works.

Many people use WhatsApp because almost everyone in the Netherlands has the app. It is so easy to send each other messages or media, no matter which phone you use.

It will soon be possible to send messages to WhatsApp through other messaging apps as well, which can save a lot of hassle.


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Receiving WhatsApp messages without the app

Maybe you prefer Telegram or Signal instead of WhatsApp. Still, you are currently limited to using that app because everyone seems to use this service. With the new feature, you no longer have to pay attention to which app someone is using because you can send them a message anytime.

And this feature doesn’t seem to come out of the blue. Parent company Meta, like other major tech companies, is under intense scrutiny by the EU, which wants to prevent companies from abusing their dominant position. WhatsApp will be required to open its platform to other apps, similar to iMessage, which will soon have to support RCS messaging.

So WhatsApp is actively integrating third-party apps such as Signal and Telegram. In this area, the iPhone app seems to be a little further along than the Android app.

Meta succumbs to European Union

The main purpose of this is to make WhatsApp more inclusive. However, there is a small catch. A user has to activate this feature himself. So you can choose whether or not to receive messages from other apps such as Signal and Telegram. Moreover, the question is how effective the end-to-end encryption will be when sending messages to and from another app.

You will soon no longer need an account to send WhatsApp messagesThe new feature. (Image: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp is currently still testing this feature in the beta version, meaning it is mostly being tested for bugs and such. It is still unclear exactly when we can expect the final version, but at least the feature is in the pipeline.

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