Samsung comes up with ideal change for smartphones

Samsung comes up with ideal change for smartphones

Do you regularly make typos on your Samsung Galaxy phone? Then you’re going to have less of a problem with that soon, according to the brand.

We all have arguments with our keyboard from time to time. Sometimes it just doesn’t do what you want, causing you to make typos. Of course, it’s often by yourself because you want to get started just a little too quickly, but sometimes the layout just isn’t optimal. Fortunately, Samsung has now found a solution.

A renewed keyboard

On an Android device you can download different keyboards. This way you can easily find the one that suits you best. Still, it’s obvious that on a Samsung phone you use the Samsung Keyboard. The South Korean manufacturer is now rolling out a new update for the keyboard, reports Sammobile. Version is 80MB in size and provides quite a few improvements.

To introduce the new update, Samsung has added a hefty description to the update. It contains a number of striking things. English speaking users have the biggest advantage. For them, spelling and recognition of grammar has been improved. Moreover, you can now turn the text correction on and off per app.

Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraThe S22 Ultra. (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Helpful updates from Samsung

But there are also advantages for people who just type in Dutch. For example, the layout of the keyboard has been standardized between the different countries. So if you buy a Galaxy device abroad, for example, you will find the settings in the same place in every country.

The most fine update is that Samsung recognizes typos even more easily. Thus, the software sees when a common typo is made and automatically adjusts it. The manufacturer can do this through user feedback.

Finally, the clipboard has been given a makeover. In the process, several bugs have been fixed and some more options have been added.

Want to install the new keyboard? Then you can pick up the update from the Galaxy Store.