4 Ted Lasso spin offs we want to see on Apple

4 Ted Lasso spin-offs we want to see on Apple TV+

Ted Lasso has ended and the chances of a fourth season seem remote despite Apple recently giving us a small teaser about a possible spinoff. But in fairness: there are plenty of characters who deserve a spinoff. OMT editor Dennis Mons lists his Apple TV+ favorites.

Ted Lasso has now had a fine run on Apple TV+. But does it immediately mean the end of the series? Not as far as I am concerned, there is more than enough room for fine spin-offs. But which ones are high on the list?

Ted Lasso back on Apple TV+?

But how should Ted Lasso move forward? Here are my four ideas.

1. Coach Beard is an icon in Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

First on the list is Beard. This character gives insights about soccer that Ted doesn’t even understand. The great moment was also when Beard had to tell Ted: that’s Cruijff’s “total soccer. Beard, then, is a textbook example when it comes to rethinking; he is David Bowie’s Piggy Stardust. That character is worth a spin-off on Sesame Street.

2. Baz, Paul, and Jeremy

So there actually exists a pub in England just this name. The Crown and Anchor is an actual pub in Richmond called the Prince’s Head – and it’s actually around the corner from Ted’s house on the Richmond Green. Although the exterior of the Prince’s Head is used in Ted Lasso, all the scenes you see inside the pub were shot in a studio.

So Basil Primerose, Jeremy Blumenthal and Paul La Fleur are ideal characters who are fantastic to follow. They don’t seem savvy, but are wiser than one might think. Good friends with a lot of love for Richmond, even if they have difficulties with Ted and Rebecca.

But in all honesty, I just want to show my new TV to these dudes. And then hang damn long with beer and Cheetos.

3. Rebecca is a diva pur sang

There one clear power woman in Ted Lasso and this is Rebecca. She is played by Hannah Waddingham. She deservedly won an Emmy because potpillekes, what a fantastic actress AND beautiful woman.

She plays a character in the series that silences me. Give me a season of Rebacca, and I hang at her feet.

She was rightfully on Broadway, and also steals the show in Ted Lasso. So her perils we want to see in a spin-off. How is this Dutch love doing? And is she really rid of Rupert? Kick his ass.

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4. Roy fucking Kent in Ted Lasso

A funny coincidence is that actor Brett Goldstein is rather … Roy Kent. He himself admits that this character is not far-fetched. He too curses and rants, but always has a warm heart toward his players in the series. So why wouldn’t he suddenly start coaching Wrexham? This is a crossover I want.

But with both feet on earth: all Ted Lasso characters deserve a spin-off, right? Literally: all of them. Football is life.

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