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7 iOS 17 features Apple copied from Android

There are many differences between iPhone and Android, but there are also more than enough similarities. Clearly, then, they use each other as inspiration. These 7 features from iOS 17 Apple copied from Android.

Android and iOS for the iPhone have been going at it for quite a few years. One feature appeared earlier with one operating system and vice versa, but it is no secret that they have copied features from each other.

7 iOS 17 features for iPhone copied from Android

With iOS 17 and Android 14, it’s no different. During the Apple keynote, a number of examples already emerged that we will see back on the iPhone next fall.

#1 Smart display already on Android

One of the most notable Android features we see in iOS 17 is the ability to put the iPhone in a standby mode. If you place the iPhone horizontally on a wireless charging station, you turn the device into a smart display, so to speak. You can view or control your calendar, the weather, your smarthome and Siri, among other things. This is a lot like Google Home on Android.

#2 FaceTime Voicemail in iOS 17

In FaceTime for your iPhone, with the arrival of iOS 17, you can now leave a message if the person trying to reach you doesn’t have time to answer. This feature is very similar to what Google Duo (Google Meet’s predecessor) once was able to do, which was to leave a 30-second video message.

#3 Live Voicemail on your iPhone

Apple is also bringing a feature called Live Voicemail to the iPhone with iOS 17. With this, an incoming call can be transcribed in real time, allowing you to decide whether or not to answer. Where have we heard that before, right? Yup – Google with its Call Screen feature for its Pixel smartphones.

Live Voicemail iPhoneLive Voicemail. (Image: Apple)

#4 Offline downloading Maps as in Android

It’s actually quite strange that this feature has been missing from Apple Maps until now. In fact, in iOS 17, the company introduces for the first time the ability to download maps in Apple Maps for offline use. This is something that has been possible in Google Maps for years.

#5 Undo autocorrect

In addition, it is now possible to undo an autocorrection in iOS 17. You just need to tap the changed word on your iPhone to go back to the original word before the autocorrection. Gboard for Android, however, has had this feature for quite some time. So as far as we’re concerned, it’s about time. Thanks, Apple!

#6 Live Speech in iOS 17

Apple is introducing a feature called Live Speech in iOS 17. This makes it possible to type text that FaceTime and phone calls speak for you. It is even possible to clone your voice (however, this is only possible in Korean for now). This feature is very similar to Samsung’s Bixby Text Calling feature that appeared a few months back.

#7 Simple user interface on the iPhone

Android has long had an easy mode where the user interface is made as simple as possible. The feature is primarily intended for the elderly, young children and others who benefit from a simplistic experience. Apple is emulating this in iOS 17, with the arrival of Assistive Access. Among other things, the feature makes app icons and text more visible.

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