Complaining Sonos users at their beck and call thanks to

Complaining Sonos users at their beck and call thanks to Sub and Arc fix

Even with expensive products like those from Sonos, you sometimes encounter irregularities that can become quite irritating over time. It’s then waiting for such a company to take the time to remove the complications; and sometimes you have to wait a long time for that. But now is the time for Arc and Sub users: redemption is at hand.

Two months owners of the Sonos Sub and/or Arc have had to wait for it. During those two months, several owners made themselves heard, hoping that the manufacturer would read along. The performance of the two aforementioned systems deteriorated thanks to another update; but that is now a thing of the past.

Sonos releases necessary update

What exactly was going on? Some consumers noticed that the Sonos Arc had less oomph at lower volumes. That means the music experience was to some degree less than it was before, for whatever reason. And the Sub wasn’t doing what it was doing before either, with TruePlay active.

sonos arcThe Sonos Arc (Image: Sonos)

If you recognize these problems, you would do well to download update 14.18 for both systems as soon as possible. That update has been available to everyone since this week. In the changelogs of the update we do not find the changes, but in this forum thread everything is explained in detail.

Hassle with the volume

The first update – which caused problems – made some improvements to voice clarity. Those tweaks remain, while Sonos, meanwhile, allows users to keep the old volume settings. It remains to be seen what the result of this will be, but perhaps everything will now sound as it should.

And so while the regular Sonos Sub was also affected by a software bug, the recently launched Sub Mini doesn’t seem to suffer from anything. Even if you only have a soundbar from this brand at home, and thus no subwoofer, there is nothing wrong with TruePlay. Those are nice things to know, after all.

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