ChatGPT looks to get its artificial chest wet for Google

ChatGPT looks to get its artificial chest wet for Google

Many people are now gratefully using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for complete school assignments. In the future, the artificial intelligence can start to count on competition from Google. CEO Sundar Pichai announced this while discussing the recent quarterly figures.

Users should, in fact, be able to interact directly with Google’s “latest, most powerful language model,” as a sort of foe of the search engine. Google has been showing its muscle with respect to artificial intelligence for years. However, with an answer to ChatGPT or DALL-E, the company has so far not come up with one.

Google versus ChatGPT

Pichai emphasizes in the discussion that Google was instrumental in ensuring that such artificial intelligence exists at all. The company itself has been working on consumer applications within this domain since last year. We should see more about that in the coming months, when Google gets to that point.

The upcoming system works with LaMDA. That’s an AI that uses conversations to generate things. Exactly what the app or software will look like is not yet clear. Google employees are now intensively testing the ChatGPT competitor behind the scenes. We may soon get to see what the company is working on.

Develop with responsibility

But it could also just take a while. Because Google wants to take its time with this and develop the artificial intelligence with high responsibility. Initially, we can expect experimental AI features, some of which will come out as beta. And from there, Google will scale up its own ChatGPT version.

Judging by the popularity of ChatGPT (and the fact that OpenAI even released a Plus version for it), it’s clear that people want to play or experiment with artificial intelligence. And Google wouldn’t be Google to jump on the train of that trend – though that means it’s going to take some time to get to the first station. Until then, you can leave your homework to OpenAI.

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