False start Super Bowl performance Alicia Keys glossed over for.webp

False start Super Bowl performance Alicia Keys glossed over for YouTube

Alicia Keys began her Super Bowl LVIII performance, to put it mildly, not very cleanly. But there’s no more of that on YouTube.

Usher had just finished singing, the camera shifts to the right and comes out on a giant red dress running across an American Football field. At the end of that dress sits Alicia Keys, behind a similarly red piano. The audience out of its mind to the tones of “If I Ain’t Got You,” the big moment is there. And then: a skipping voice, turning the moment that was supposed to be so beautiful into a tad hilarious.

People who, like me, watched Super Bowl LVIII live know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyone who checks the Apple Music Halftime Show on YouTube has no idea. And that’s exactly the problem.

Super Bowl performance Alicia Keys different on YouTube

The Super Bowl Halftime Show: in terms of entertainment the Valhalla, in terms of singing not the strongest performances by artists. That’s common knowledge, no shame as far as I’m concerned. But then again, let’s certainly not pretend it’s all perfect.

The NFL’s official YouTube channel, however, thinks otherwise. Alicia Keys’ moment during Super Bowl LVIII comes across as slightly different online than it did live. Something that fortunately not only I noticed:

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Last night Alicia Keys’s voice cracked (first video), and fascinatingly, the official NFL YouTube channel appears to be attempting to erase that little moment, having edited it out in their upload (second video). pic.twitter.com/EM4k8rWT8c

– Robert Komaniecki (@Komaniecki_R) February 12, 2024

Of course an artist with a skipping voice is a little less dope and takes away from the moment a bit, but it does give you the live feeling you want during Super Bowl LVIII. It makes the performer human, it shows that everyone makes mistakes.

Again, that the NFL wants the Super Bowl to come across as good as possible is understandable, but this didn’t have to be.

Did you, after watching the grand finale live, think for a moment only that you had gone crazy (due to sleep perhaps) then I can hereby reassure you.

Deadpool & Wolverine: hidden easter eggs

Furthermore, Super Bowl LVIII, which by the way the first three quarters could not have been more boring, was again full of fantastic commercials and impressive trailers. Of which Deadpool & Wolverine was, of course, a personal highlight.


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