Google must release useful functionality after lawsuit with Sonos

Google awards this smart desk lamp only to its own employees

Google makes a fair amount of hardware: smartphones, cameras, thermostats and now a smart lamp. But that lamp has a major drawback. As a consumer you cannot buy it, even if you want to. At least, not through official channels; perhaps you could if a Google employee offered it for sale on eBay.

Anyway, that’s not too relevant for a moment. Let’s shine the light on the Google lamp, which designer Ben Gold calls the dLight on Twitter. In his tweet, Gold reveals that the lamp “will probably never be sold.” There’s still some room for change in such a statement, but don’t take poison from it.

Smart lamp from Google

Google’s smart lamp has a round base. On top of that is a stylish holder, with a head design that looks a lot like Apple products. To get a good idea of the product, check out the tweet below. Gold also posted a picture of the lamp. Then you’ll see what we mean.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

The Google lamp is called the “dLight” and I confirmed that it’s not confidential. Again, this product will likely never be for sale outside of the company.

– Ben Gold (@bengold) February 11, 2022

You effortlessly adjust the lamp to specific positions, so you can always see what you’re doing clearly. You shine the light on your desk at work, or right up during a video conference. Google employees can set the temperature of the light manually or use one of the preset options.

Controlling with the Assistant

FCC documentation shows that the smart bulb has a Wi-Fi connection and can be controlled with the Google Assistant. In addition, a usb-c port is present, presumably for charging your smartphone. Additionally, the product will receive over-the-air updates; yes, updates will appear for a desk lamp.

By the way, this is not the first time Google has released a product that is only available to employees. In fact, in 2017, they received headphones from their employer. Employees in the United States can at least order the lamp, but delivery is – how could it be otherwise – delayed.