1701695231 Googles Android update gives you 10 free Netflix alternatives and

Google’s Android update gives you 10 free Netflix alternatives and more

Google has rolled out a hefty update for Android. One of the most notable new things: more than ten additional free alternatives to Netflix. Though, of course, there’s much more.

Paying for Netflix will be so 2023. In 2024, it will be time for FAST services. These free streaming services come with quite a bit of content, making you less dependent on the now traditional providers. Now Google has more than ten additional new alternatives in the latest Android update.


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Free Netflix alternatives in Android update

Where we all used to watch mostly linear television, that has now changed tremendously. Series and shows you just binge on streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. Yet more and more so-called FAST services are also gaining a foothold. These are free channels and streaming services that get their income from ads.

Google is also experimenting heavily with this through Google TV. The company already has a number of free channels, but more than 10 new ones are being added with the recent Android update. So you have even more choice with this free Netflix alternative.

To use these channels, however, you must first set the United States as your location through your VPN. This is best done by fooling your router so that even a Chromecast or television running Android TV thinks you are in a different location.


Installing VPN on your router

Check if your router is suitable
Find an installation guide through your VPN provider
NordVPN and ExpressVPN, among others, have one
Follow the steps in the setup guide
Connect your Chromecast or television with Google/Android TV to the network

If Google TV thinks you’re in the United States, you’ll see a heading Live TV. If you press that, you’ll find quite a few free Netflix alternatives, including more than 10 new channels. In total, there are now more than 115.

Even more new features from Google

But aside from new Netflix alternatives, the revamped Android offers even more. For example, a number of new sticker combinations are possible, allowing you to send even more appropriate stickers to your friends.

Google Messages for Android has also been updated, allowing you to personalize even more. For example, show your feelings in a voice message. There are also more options for responses.

If you have a Google Pixel Watch, you also get quite a few more features. If you have a Smart Home, you can very simply control your lighting groups and smart devices through the watch. Are you leaving home? Then you adjust the home status very easily. That saves energy, of course.

Finally, another accessibility feature has been added for visually impaired people. Android now helps via TalkBack to describe images created by AI.

So with the new Android update, you can get in on the action in a big way. So you might save on a Netflix subscription which is ideal.

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