If you share your password you will be fucked from

If you share your password you will be fucked from now on at HBO Max as well

Do you also share an HBO Max account with your friends and family? That will soon be over, as the streaming service is going after Netflix rock hard.

Everything used to be better, according to baby boomers. For many things that’s nonsense, but for streaming services it’s certainly not the case. There weren’t that many of them yet and besides, you could share them with others so you didn’t have to pay too much.

The latter is still possible with some streaming services, but many are taking measures against this. Netflix started this and later Disney+ also announced that enough was enough. Joining that annoying list now is HBO Max.

Password sharers targeted by HBO Max

It’s almost literally The Last of Us what HBO Max wants to do in Game of Thrones to be the best streaming service. It wants to bring in even more money and for that, password sharers are now screwed.

Information from Bloomberg shows that Warner Bros. Discovery boss David Zaslav sees this as a way to make HBO Max more profitable and thus also boost membership numbers.

HBO Max is going after Netflix and cracking down on password sharersAaargh, is that a bummer! (Image: Warner Bros. Discovery)

Boldly chasing Netflix

Exactly how the company plans to do this is unknown, but it will probably be done in exactly the same way as Netflix. Red N achieved considerable success with this, as its membership increased as a result, and with it its revenues.

However, it is still unknown when Warner Bros. Discovery plans to introduce the new “Netflix measure” for HBO Max. It is expected to begin sometime later this year. By 2025, it should be completed and everyone will be screwed.


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Incidentally, HBO Max is not the only one following Netflix’s lead. Disney+ previously announced that it will crack down on password sharers, only it is not yet known when. It seems to be not a question of if, but when other streaming services such as SkyShowtime and Amazon Prime Video will follow suit.

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