1664493898 Impressive iPad competitor Amazon is e reader you can write on

Impressive iPad competitor Amazon is e-reader you can write on

The iPad is a hugely popular device and for good reason. You can read things on it, you can work on it and you can draw on it. That drawing is done with a stylus, which you can also use for making notes. In short: a versatile device that has more than enough competition.

Although there is already more than enough competition in the tablet market, that doesn’t mean companies are giving up the fight. Sometimes that competition comes from unexpected places. Indeed, this time we see Amazon throwing its weight around with a special e-reader that you can also take notes on.

Amazon Kindle Srible vs. the Apple iPad?

The device in question is the Amazon Kindle Scrible. The device features a 10.2″ screen, with a pixel density of 300 ppi and the so-called Paperwhite display. We also encounter that type of screen on other e-readers from Amazon, and generally users are very pleased with the (reading) quality.

Amazon iPadAmazon Kindle Scribe (Image: Amazon)

According to Amazon, writing on the Kindle Scribe feels like “writing on paper.” That claim goes pretty far. That’s because it goes from the way you hold the stylus to the sound you hear while writing. Everything you write down can be categorized by book and sent to yourself and viewed whenever you want.

Regular or premium stylus

Perhaps the choice of stylus still affects writing experience. The Amazon Kindle Scribe comes with a standard stylus. But you can choose to purchase a premium variant (you will have to buy it separately). In addition to pen notes, you can also keep a notebook or various lists.

In addition, the Scribe features a screen that has warm light, which should be comfortable for the eyes. At bottom, the e-reader is not as convenient as an iPad. But if you’re looking for some more basic functionality at a lower price, this might be a great alternative.

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