On May 14 Google introduces you to the future of

On May 14, Google introduces you to the future of Android

Google has announced a new I/O for May 14. At the event, you will learn all about the new Android version, AI, Pixel and more.

What WWDC is to Apple, I/O is to Google. During the developer event, Google will tell you all about Android and new Pixel products are likely to come along.

The new edition of Google I/O is scheduled for May 14. This one will probably be mostly about the techtoword of the last few years: AI. Makes sense, since the company launched the AI models Gemini and Gemma this year. Something we will therefore also see in Android.

Google presents new Android version during I/O

During I/O we will hear first about Android 15, and the company will present some new features during the Keynote. Also featured will be other Google services such as Gmail, Photos, Maps and Drive.

But the main focus will be on AI, that is. And there really is still some work for Google to do there. Although Gemini is making great strides over (Android) assistant Bard, there is still some controversy here and there.

For example, there was strong criticism from Google top executive Sundar Pichai over photos that were variously taken in unintentional situations. For example, there was a scandal surrounding photos of World War II where AI gave German soldiers a darker skin color. Something inconsistent with reality.

A new Pixel and competing with OpenAI

So Google is probably eager to show off what is going well. Possibly new AI features are also coming to Gemini and Android. They must be, since ChatGPT maker OpenAI is also making significant progress. That company recently presented Sora, an AI tool that lets you generate videos through a prompt.


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But in addition to these software updates, we are also likely to see one or more new Pixel products. One that we are likely to see anyway is the Google Pixel 8a, which is a version of the Pixel 8, but in the mid-range where the price will likely be around 500 euros.

You’ll have to wait a little longer for Google I/O. The event where you can learn more about Android, Pixel and AI is scheduled for May 14.

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