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These are the best accessories to buy for the Nintendo Switch in 2024

The Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console. These accessories will help you get even more out of this marvel from Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles of all time. Even after seven years, the console brings a lot of money into Nintendo’s coffers. Not surprisingly, because the Switch has a great catalog of games. Moreover, it is also an incredibly fun device to operate.

As the rumors surrounding the successor to the Nintendo Switch continue to take shape, many gamers are looking forward to its release. After all, what will Nintendo do to amaze us this time around? Unfortunately, it may be a while before that successor arrives. All the more reason to pick up the Nintendo Switch anyway. But how to make this already great gaming experience even better? With accessories, of course.

These are the best accessories for your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch already has a lot of this and that to make our lives as gamers even easier. But on some fronts, a little enhancement or improvement wouldn’t go amiss. These accessories will take your Nintendo Switch to a new level.

Hard carrying case

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s most powerful console right now. All the more ideal that that Switch is designed to be taken anywhere. But then, of course, you want all your stuff to stay in one piece. While there are plenty of storage covers, it’s all nothing compared to a hard carrying case.

These suitcase-like storage boxes ensure that nothing happens to your precious Switch while traveling. There are several companies that have made such a case. We recommend this one from Game Traveler because it is guaranteed to fit all the goodies without too much fuss.

These are the best accessories to buy for the Nintendo Switch in 2024There’s even room to carry an extra controller and the dock (image: Game Traveler)

Protective filter

The Nintendo Switch’s screen gets a lot of abuse. From handheld mode to your dock and back again, into the bag, out of the bag, on the table, back in your dock. Therefore, the chances of scratching your screen are significant. It may not be a revolutionary accessory, but it is one of vital importance: a protective coating on the screen.

You have them in different types. From a plastic layer on the screen to a thin sheet of glass that you stick on. This one from the brand HORI is simple to stick on and nice and sturdy for its price range.

These are the best accessories to buy for the Nintendo Switch in 2024 (image: HORI)

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Joycons are nice and all, but for those who really want to play fanfic gaming on the Switch, these controllers are often just too small or clunky. The Nintendo Pro Controller is then your best friend. It feels and plays exactly like an Xbox controller. So you have much more comfort. The battery life is also much longer than that of the Joycons.

There are many types of Pro Controllers on the market. The official one from Nintendo is quite pricey, but absolutely worth your money. The average battery life is about 40 hours and the thing can also take a beating.

These are the best accessories to buy for the Nintendo Switch in 2024Nintendo has multiple colors and artstyles available (image: Nintendo)

SanDisk Ultra microSD card

Now that the Nintendo Switch is already seven years old, the game catalog is bulging with games. Chances are you have a nice collection of games by now, too. Your console’s storage suffers greatly from this, and in fact, it’s just way too small. A microSD card is an accessory that may seem obvious, but is actually essential for your Switch.

You can of course go as crazy as you want, but the bigger the card the more you pay. 256GB storage is more than enough for the average gamer. By the way, Nintendo also offers their own “official” SD card for the Switch. This one has a size of 128GB.

These are the best accessories to buy for the Nintendo Switch in 2024 (image: Nintendo)

Genki Covert Dock 2

Unless you want to take the hard carrying case with you everywhere you go, you won’t be dragging your Nintendo Switch’s dock with you anytime soon. Not surprisingly, that clunky piece of plastic is hard to cram into your bag. If you still want to be able to connect your Switch to a friend’s television, for example, the Genki Covert Dock 2 might be the solution.

Instead of a clunky piece of plastic, this mini-dock looks like an electrical outlet. It’s essentially exactly the same as your Switch dock, but without the unnecessary plastic. It really is as simple as it looks.

These are the best accessories to buy for the Nintendo Switch in 2024 (image: Genki)

Satisfye ZenGrip Pro Gen 3 for the Nintendo Switch

“The Nintendo Switch is for little kids,” many a Nintendo hater still likes to shout. Of course not, as there is more than enough for the adult gamer. Still, the Nintendo Switch’s design sometimes causes hand cramps, especially in handheld mode.

The Satisfye ZenGrip Pro Gen 3 responds perfectly to this dissatisfaction. It’s basically an extra holder into which you snap the Nintendo Switch. This makes the console a bit wider, with better billets to hold the Joycons and a sturdier appearance. Then, even in handheld, you can go on for hours without cramping your hand.

These are the best accessories to buy for the Nintendo Switch in 2024 (image: Satisfye)

The successor to the Nintendo Switch 2 is not even in stores yet, or fans are already waxing lyrical about the thing. Partly because of the news Nintendo gave us recently. Wondering why the Switch 2 actually has the perfect release already? You check it out here:

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