Netflix gives you an extra 1133 movies and series with

Netflix gives you an extra 1133 movies and series with one setting

Netflix lets you watch a large number of movies and series. If you adjust a setting, you suddenly get 1,100 more.

Netflix is the streaming service with the largest selection of movies and series. Therefore, we can’t imagine that you have really seen everything. Still, you may not be able to find anything you like. For those people, there is a special trick.

It’s possible to see more Netflix content than you’re used to. That has everything to do with the language.

Many more series and movies on Netflix

Netflix has a huge library of movies and series in the Netherlands. There are currently 4545 movies and 2390 series available to watch right away. It is impossible to watch them all, but of course more choice is always nice.

With a simple trick, 1133 movies and series will be added. All you have to do is change the language setting on Netflix. Instead of Dutch, choose English.

This Netflix trick gives you over 1,100 more series and moviesThat will make you happy! (Image: Netflix)

These 1133 consist of 776 movies and 357 series, according to Streamwijzer. Many of these titles are from South Korea, for example, ideal if you are a fan of Parasite and Squid Game, for example. There are also many titles from India, but very many other countries are represented in the list.

The reason why you won’t get access with your settings set to Dutch is simple: there are no Dutch subtitles available for those titles. However, this is not a problem if you speak English, because then you can still follow the series and movies on Netflix.


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How to do it

However, you should note that all subtitles become English when you set the language settings to English. Do you find this irritating? Then you can choose to switch only when you want to watch something outside the Dutch-language collection.

So if you want to see those 1133 additional movies and series on Netflix, you need to take the following steps to do so. To do so, open the streaming service and click on your profile picture. Then click on “Manage Profile” and then on the respective profile. Here you choose the language and that’s all you need to do. You now have access to more movies and series.

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