Dr Phil just might become your next favorite skin in

Dr. Phil just might become your next favorite skin in Fortnite

The iconic television host Dr. Phil wants his own Fortnite skin. And there’s quite a chance it could happen.

Fortnite is the wildly popular shooting game in which you must make sure to be the last surviving player on the island. The game is made in a cartoon style. This gives a lot of room for creating original skins, or the appearance of your character.

Fortnite, meanwhile, has had many collaborations with various movie franchises, character series, games and even celebrities. For example, Fortnite includes skins of Darth Vader from Star Wars, as well as skins of real people like Bruno Mars or Eminem. Will Dr. Phil be the next celebrity in the game?

Dr. Phil in Fortnite

So Fortnite has been adding real people to their game more often, and Dr. Phil would like to be a part of it. The mustachioed television host recently made a video asking Epic Games for his own skin in the game.

So in the video, Dr. Phil asks what exactly he has to do for it. He says the rapper Eminem even has three skins and he still doesn’t have one. The mustachioed host is convinced he deserves his own spot in it. And he’s not the only one.


@Fortnite Official meet me at Rebel’s Roost to discuss the details. #fortnite #gaming #pcgaming #epicgames

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Fans want to play as the mustachioed man

Fans totally agree with him. Dr. Phil’s video has more than four million views and more than 800 thousand likes on TikTok.

The reactions are purely positive. People say they will buy the skin immediately when it hits the item shop. So maybe it’s a good plan for Epic Games to bring Dr. Phil to Fortnite after all.

Years-long dream

It’s not the first time Fortnite players have wanted Dr. Phil in the game. There is a petition from 2019 with exactly the same goal. Now Dr. Phil is trying again.

Christopher Ludwig’s petition asks Epic Games to create a Fortnite season dedicated to Dr. Phil and Minecraft. This will include skins, backbling and pickaxes. The creator of the petition says he already has a design for everything himself.


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As we now know, the petition did not achieve much, only 17 people signed. But so there is still a chance that a Dr. Phil Fortnite skin will become a reality. Maybe Christopher Ludwig’s dream will come true after all, five long years later.

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