1652204476 Sonos looks to give Roam pleasant small upgrade soon

Sonos looks to give Roam pleasant (small) upgrade soon

Sonos appears to be working on a minor upgrade for its previously launched bluetooth speaker Roam, according to an email. That email the company sent to its customers. The message contains a countdown, with a button below it to a page on the website. The url of that page possibly gives away what it’s all about.

Sonos has been in the news a lot lately. Several rumors are already revealing what the company is working on behind the scenes. How about its own voice assistant or a brand new soundbar? That’s not the only thing the audio manufacturer seems to be working on, as an upgrade for the Roam is also coming.

Sonos Roam gets small upgrade

That’s according to a thread on Reddit, where a user shared an email from the company. The email contains a button to a web page, with the text “roamcolors” in the url. The file name also gives a – not so subtle – hint about what we can expect. The file name is: Roam_Colors_Launch.png.

Something Colourful Is Coming (the email says). I just hope it’s NOT just color plastic Sonos Roams!!!! Ha! from sonos

So we can expect new color options for the Sonos Roam. A Chilean store has also leaked which colors are involved, but that web page has since been taken offline. Before that happened, it was clear that the colors in question are olive green, a bluish gray and red-orange.

The company does this more often

When Sonos releases new products to the market, they are usually only available in black and white. At a later stage, the manufacturer adds more color options. The fact that this now seems to be happening is not strange and is actually entirely in line with expectations.

The big question now is when Sonos will announce and make available the new color options. Since there seems to be a lot going on around the audio brand soon, we expect more news in the course of this week. If the Roam isn’t on the horizon, then that voice assistant is.