Surfing via Google Chrome gets even more secret

Surfing via Google Chrome gets even more secret

Users of the developer version of Google Chrome have discovered a new hidden feature. Namely, in Chrome Canary, it is possible to hide videos in Incognito mode.

Google Chrome’s Incognito mode could certainly use this addition. Indeed, before, your device’s control panel would betray what media you were watching or listening to. For example, a title coming from WANT’s YouTube channel would appear on the screen.


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This is how to set the hidden feature

That will soon be a thing of the past. Instead, the Incognito version of Google Chrome will only show you that “a site” is playing media. So which site it is and what kind of content remains secret. Moreover, the content you were playing is no longer visible from your lock screen.

The hidden feature in the Canary version of Google Chrome is called “Hide media metadata when incognito. The feature works not only in your browser, but also in other programs and apps on your device. Eventually, the feature should come to Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.

If you want to get started with the feature yourself, you can enter Chrome://flags in Google Chrome Canary’s address bar. You will then be presented with a menu where you will come across the Hide media metadata when incognito option. Make sure this option is set to Enabled.

Public Google Chrome release to follow later

The hidden feature is especially useful for anyone who wants to make sure their search traffic (and viewing history) stays under the radar. It’s just that extra step, allowing you to hide even more as you surf around the Internet via Google Chrome.

Surfing via Google Chrome gets even more secretWhat video you watch remains hidden. (Image: Windows Latest)

For now, the feature is only available in the developer version of Google Chrome. At a later date, the feature will likely come to the public version of the browser as well. This will make Incognito mode a little more incognito.

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