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Tesla top executive lashes out at Apple: ‘nothing left to look forward to’

Tesla has always had a knack for it, but lately has been hitting out at competitors with increasing frequency. Chief of Design Franz von Holzhausen has already started slinging mud at Apple, which is also working on an electric car.

In an episode of Spike’s Car Radio, a popular podcast created by Spike Feresten, the Tesla chief lashes out at Apple. Is his criticism misplaced or does he actually have a point?

Tesla top man lashes out at Apple

Franz von Holzhausen, Chief of Design at Tesla, has few words of praise for Apple. In an episode of Spike’s Car Radio, he mainly criticizes the American company’s lack of creativity. Something that, despite not welcoming this kind of action, we can kind of relate to.

“The sad side of Apple products today is that there’s not really anything to look forward to. It feels a bit like a repeat of the same thing with a little tweak here and there.”

As someone who deals with product design on a daily basis, it is difficult for Franz von Holzhausen to get motivated by Apple. “In terms of inspiration, it’s very difficult to get motivated from what Apple is doing today.”

It’s funny though that people who follow Von Holzhausen longer know that the Tesla top executive wears an Apple Watch and has an iPhone. Although he says he does so “only for fitness purposes”.

Apple CarA concept of the Apple Car. (Image: Apple Insider)

Does von Holzhausen have a point?

It’s hard to deny that Franz von Holzhausen has a point here. There has been criticism of Apple and the lack of creativity at the company for years. This is quickly linked by many consumers to the arrival of Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs. On this website, too, we often read comments from people who no longer warm to Apple’s new products.

So while the Tesla top executive certainly has a point, in the podcast he focuses mainly on the iPhone. In doing so, he forgets to give credit, for example, to the Apple AirPods and the Apple Watch. In doing so, of course, the whole reason he is talking about Tim Cook’s company at all is the fact that it is coming out with the Apple Car. An electric car that may just seek competition with Tesla.

And so doesn’t addressing a new market fall under the heading of innovative and creative?