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This is how much a Telegram subscription will soon cost you

Telegram, the chat service that is often unfairly portrayed as privacy-friendly, is offering users the option of a monthly subscription. With that subscription, the messaging service wants to generate revenue so that it can break even. If a user does not pay, the app will continue to work as you are already used to.

This means that you can still send and receive messages and photos. You also continue to use bots and the many options related to groups. But if you want to get just that little bit more out of the chat app, then you can take out a subscription. The company calls this subscription Telegram Premium.

Telegram Premium: what exactly do you get?

A subscription to Telegram Premium will cost you $4.99 per month. What exactly do you get in return? Among other things, you can send larger files. The limit is normally 2 GB and then becomes 4 GB for payers. In addition, paying customers download a lot faster than people who don’t have a subscription.

TelegramWhat’s the difference? (Image: Telegram)

Furthermore, you can sign up for up to one thousand channels (that’s normally five hundred) and you are able to create twenty folders. Within those folders you can archive up to two hundred chats. This way you take care of an overview, especially when you chat with many people through channels and groups.

All kinds of extra possibilities

Paying users can additionally use up to four accounts within the Telegram app. They can also pin ten chats to the top, write a longer bio and capture up to twenty t.me links. You can have voiced messages typed out and get access to stickers that fill the screen.

Then there are the unique responses, the many chat management options, animated profile pictures and the special badge. And in some countries, you also no longer see ads in public channels. Telegram currently has 700 million active users; that was down to about 500 million in January 2021.

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