UAG comes out with delightful wireless MagSafe iPhone charging stand.webp

UAG comes out with delightful wireless MagSafe iPhone charging stand

The company Urban Armor Gear (UAG) comes out with a very cool stand for your iPhone. The little Lucent Power Battery with Kickstand has (duh) a kickstand and is excellent to use on a bedside table, for example, but also for on the road when you’re without power. And the fact that you can charge wirelessly thanks to MagSafe is an added bonus.

UAG has also jumped into the wireless charging market. The beautiful “Lucent Power Battery with Kickstand” can at least compete with the MagSafe competition and it doesn’t even cost lol.

UAG comes up with the perfect battery pack for iPhone

The great thing about this design is that you can put your phone in both horizontal mode and portrait mode. Perfect for making Facetime calls or just checking a video while your phone charges via MagSafe.

magsafe, battery pack, iphoneSuper easy to carry. (Image: UAG)

In terms of specs, it’s also an impressive little device from UAG. It is MagSafe compatible anyway and works with iPhone 12, 13 and 14 cases that support the technology.

In addition, the battery can store a nice amount of power. It has an output of 4000 mAh so you can make it to the end of the day with some ease, even on longer trips without an outlet.

Still USB-C on your phone through MagSafe

And speaking of outlet, it’s darn nice that the UAG battery pack with MagSafe has a USB-C connector. Then you don’t have to keep running around with your Lightning charging cable for your iPhone, just use a standard USB-C cable. And fat chance you could possibly borrow one from someone.

MagSafe, ipHone, battery pack UAGGreat pocket size. (Image: UAG)

Perhaps the 4000 mAh is a bit too little for some hardcore users. Not entirely incomprehensible since a lot of energy is still lost during wireless charging via MagSafe.

The gadget comes in black, marshmallow, orchid and deep ocean. And let’s face it: the design is sleek, simple and sexy, just like your iPhone. In any case, we are keen on the UAG Lucent Power Battery with Kickstand since it is not only beautiful, but also very affordable.

Does the UAG charger cost a fortune? So at $59.95, we think that’s incredibly not so bad.

If you need any other tips of similar products for iPhone with MagSafe, you can find them here.

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