1643650261 WhatsApp boss finally admits iPad app in development

WhatsApp boss finally admits: iPad app in development

WhatsApp is incredibly popular worldwide and is among the most successful applications on our planet. So you would expect that anno 2022, with the great success of the iPad in mind, there would be a tablet version of the application available anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is almost impossible to understand that WhatsApp is not yet available for the iPad. Not even for the people who make the application. So there’s what the company’s boss, Will Cathcart, says is no longer a reason not to do it.

WhatsApp for iPad

It’s quite striking that, despite the iPad’s great success, developers don’t see the need to upgrade their applications. This is true for the giant platform Instagram and it is certainly also true for WhatsApp. For the latter app in particular, people have been crying out for a version for Apple’s tablet for years. Something that WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart also acknowledges.

WhatsappThe service on your iPad (Image: WhatsApp / Edit: OMT)

“People have wanted a separate app for the iPad for a long time,” Will Cathcart reveals in an interview with The Verge. To the American technology website, he also reveals the company’s own view on it. “We would love to do it.” According to the WhatsApp boss, the infrastructure for a new application is already in place. However, he makes no further promises.

These are reports that we have heard before and which still gave hope to many consumers. Those plans were never turned into an actual application until now. The difference this time is only that the news comes directly from an official source. If anyone is reliable in this area, it is the boss of WhatsApp itself.

Multi Device the key

According to Cathcart, the rollout of Multi Device functionality is key for an iPad app. “We’ve been working a lot on the technology that makes it possible to use WhatsApp on multiple devices,” he reveals. With Multi Device, even if your smartphone is turned off, it is possible to receive messages on other devices. “Having access while the phone is turned off is very important for a tablet app.” So the underlying technology is now available.

If you can’t wait for WhatsApp to come out with an iPad app of its own, it’s good to know that you can already get it done yourself. Wondering how? I explain it in the article above!