WhatsApp protects your chats with password without password

WhatsApp protects your chats with password, without password

Soon your WhatsApp messages will be even more protected. The service lets you log in without a password, but where you do need a password. Still catching on?

It’s simpler than you think. That’s because WhatsApp is going to support Passkeys, a new method of security coming to both Android and iPhone. So reports WaBetaInfo, which has delved into the code of the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

A secret menu in WhatsApp

That doesn’t appear to be the only new thing about the Android version of WhatsApp. The app also appears to be getting a secret menu where a button allows you to enable or disable passwords. In this beta version, that hidden secret does not yet work, indicating that the service is still in the process of developing this further.

WhatsApp also provides a striking warning: “Your Passkeys are stored securely in your Google Password Manager.” Still, it is also wise to use a third-party password manager, such as LastPass or 1Password.

These are Passkeys for iPhone and Android

Passkeys seem to be the future of online security, including for WhatsApp. This is mainly because they are resistant to phishing. This is because part of the cryptographic key is stored on the user’s own device. This makes it impossible to open an account on a device that does not belong to you. All that is needed to verify a password is a fingerprint, facial scan or PIN.

You may not have noticed it yet, but big companies are already doing quite a bit with Passkeys. For example, with iOS 17, the iPhone will automatically generate passkeys for your Apple ID account. Still, it’s mostly waiting for other apps to adopt this technique. So now WhatsApp seems to be getting over it, too.

WhatsApp protects passwordless chats (Image: WABetaInfo)

In addition, other features appear to be coming to WhatsApp. For example, the messaging service is now testing AI-generated stickers and it is possible to share your screen during video calls.

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