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iOS 17 makes ending iPhone calls old-fashioned hard again

If you’re ending a phone call on your iPhone in a month or so, it may be a little trickier than you’re used to. That’s because Apple is experimenting heavily with the buttons in iOS 17.

Apple seems to be in a bit of a tangle with the button you use to end a phone call on the iPhone. During the various iOS 17 betas, the company has already moved the button several times. Now it is in a different place again.

Apple gets to work on buttons in iOS 17

During the previous developer beta of iOS 17, the button to end the call was suddenly located on the right side. Many people reacted negatively to this. It looks like Apple listened to this feedback, because the button is now back in a new position. Or well, actually in the old position, as it is back in the middle.

Still, something has changed compared to iOS 16, which is on your current iPhone. There, the button to end a call was still below all the other buttons you could use during a phone call. Now all those options are around the end button.

Logical changes on the iPhone

There seems to be a logical reason why Apple moved the buttons to the bottom of the screen. This may have to do with the arrival of special contact cards, a new feature in iOS 17. This feature allows iPhone users to create their own card that the other person will see when they receive a call. This should make calls feel even more personal.

Other than that, there are not many notable changes in the new developer beta for iOS 17, probably focusing mainly on performance improvements.

Contact Cards iOS 17 iPhone AndroidContact card on your iPhone. (Image: Apple)

What everything will finally look like, we will know in September. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 15 then. At the launch, the final version of iOS 17 will also be available right away.

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