Cheap iPhone SE 4 may get these iPhone 15 features

Cheap iPhone SE (4) may get these iPhone 15 features

The iPhone 15 line will see the light of day next month. A few months after that, the cheap iPhone SE 4 should hit the market. This feature at least takes it from its big brother.

Every year Apple comes out with new iPhones that are among the top of the smartphone world. For that, you pay a premium price. The SE, Apple’s budget line, sees the light of day much less often. A new one is scheduled for release in 2025. This one will even get an iPhone 15 Pro feature that the 15 and 15 Plus don’t get.

The iPhone SE 4 with a 15 Pro feature.

The iPhone SE4 promises to be quite an update over the previous SEs. As such, the look will be quite different. It will be the first SE with a full touchscreen, which means Apple is saying goodbye to the physical home button.

X user Uredditor shares some new details about the SE 4 on the platform. He is not as well-known a source as, say, Mark Gurman or Ming-Chi Kuo, but he is regularly correct.

According to this X user, the iPhone SE 4 will have the appearance of the regular iPhone 14. So that means it looks considerably more like the regular models. It also means that unlike the previous SE, you can unlock your smartphone using Face ID, since that feature is in the notch.

Then again, you don’t get the Dynamic Island with it. It is currently only on the iPhone 14 Pro, but seems to be coming to the regular iPhone 15 as well.

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More about the SE 4 – planned features and design changes:

– Design based on iPhone 14
– Face ID
– Action button 👀
– Only one rear camera

– Unknownz21 🌈 (@URedditor) August 13, 2023

More changes

Since Apple is required by the European Union to switch to USB C, unlike the 14 line, the iPhone SE 4 does get a USB C port instead of a Lightning port right away. However, there are also rumors that Apple will come out with a new 14 in a month that does have a USB C port.

Another thing that is different from the regular iPhone 14 is the rear camera. Instead of two cameras, there is only room for one. Logical, since this is a cheaper model.

What may not seem logical is that according to the X’er, the iPhone SE 4 will get an iPhone 15 Pro feature, which the regular 15 will not have. The SE 4 will get the so-called action button. This replaces the mute slider above the volume keys. The purpose of that action button is that you yourself can give it the function you want.

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