Five things we already know about the brand new iPhone

Get to know all the color options for the iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is coming. Of course, we all want to know what specs the smartphone will have. Still, an unimportant part is very important for many people. We’re talking about the color, of course. But which shades can you choose from?

Just as it is with love, an iPhone is of course about the inside, but a beautiful exterior helps too. The designers of the iPhone 14 know this all too well. For years, Apple has regularly experimented with the colors of its devices. With the upcoming release, too, new colors will arrive.

Are these the colors of the iPhone 14?

Exactly what colors they are remains to be seen. As usual, Apple is keeping its jaws tightly shut. Fortunately, there are occasional leaks, although it remains to be seen whether they are correct. One leak is of course more reliable than the other.

iPhone 14 colorsAlmost the rainbow. (Image: Weibo)

On the Chinese social medium Weibo, an unverified account posted an image showing different versions of the iPhone 14. This account has no track record and the post was later removed, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt. Still, it’s interesting to see what’s possible. In the post, a new color can be admired. If we are to believe the source, there will be, among other things, a purple version of the normal 14. PRODUCT(RED) also seems to be back on the scene.

The colorful Pro

iphone 14 pro colorsAre these the colors of the Pro? (Image: Weibo)

We also see that purple on the iPhone 14 Pro, although it is a bit lighter in color. It seems to take the place of the blue. Green we don’t see again at all, but maybe it. like the 13. will be added later.

It’s not weird for Apple to come up with a special color. Every year it comes up with a striking hue next to the more standard versions like black and white. Whether that will really be purple, we’ll see sometime in September during the presentation. Apple usually knows how to keep the colors of the iPhone pretty well a secret.

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