Why this is the ideal electric bike for Apple fans

Why this is the ideal electric bike for Apple fans

Your Find My app is really not just there to track your Apple products with. Soon you will also be able to track this electric bike from Velotric with it, as it has a built-in AirTag.

Want an electric bike that you track with the Apple Find My app? Then of course you can stick an AirTag on it, but it’s much easier if the feature is just built in. The brand Velotric does it.

An electric bike with a built-in AirTag

Velotric has presented two new electric bikes. They are the Thunder 1 and the Thunder 1 ST. These are real lightweights, and we’re not just talking about the pounds. Also the price is not as high as you would expect.

But just because this electric bike is priced right doesn’t mean it sacrifices features. The two-wheeler has eight gears, hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable brake levers and torque sensors for responsive pedal assistance.

You’ll never have to worry about your light again, thanks to auto-activating LED lights. Stem shaft hubs give the electric bike more robustness. The aluminum frame is light, but does not compromise on strength, so you can cycle comfortably around town.

The Thunder 1 is just a bit more comprehensive than the 1 ST. It has built-in GPS tracking (a kind of AirTag) against theft and also keeps track of your rides. You simply lock the electric bike with your fingerprint.

New cheap electric bike has built-in AirTagCycling safely. (Image: Velotric)

Find My app tracks down e-bike

Automatic driver recognition knows exactly who is getting on the e-bike. Plus, it’s easy to add an extra battery for increased range.

Unfortunately, the Thunder 1 ST does not have the anti-theft features. However, it does have a tracker that you link to Apple’s Find My app. Also a kind of AirTag, then. So you still know where your e-bike is. So you don’t really need the more extensive GPS, because there is always someone with an iPhone nearby.

Yet, unfortunately, there is also something less about this electric bike. It is only available in the United States and not in the Netherlands. That’s a shame, because the price is very attractive considering the features you get in return. The Thunder 1 has a price tag of $1,799 and the ST costs $1,499.

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