1705153881 You can expect these innovations for electric bikes in 2024

You can expect these innovations for electric bikes in 2024

We are at the beginning of a new year. So too for electric bicycles. 2024 is undoubtedly going to bring some surprising developments for the e-bike.

At CES 2024, we got a sneak preview of two futuristic e-bikes from Segway. Both have thick tires and can travel considerable distances.

But the new year has even more to offer. A number of manufacturers have a lot of surprising innovations in store.

This is what 2024 is going to mean for electric bikes

We take you through the most important innovations you can expect in 2024 in the list below. One thing: the items are purely based on speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet.

#1 Bucket bikes are the boss

The fastest growing e-bike is the cargo bike. Ideal if you want to carry extra stuff with your electric bike. There are already many different brands offering e-bikes, such as Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Flyer and Rad Power Bikes.

You may even see cargo bikes from well-known delivery companies like DHL, Uber or Amazon in the future because they are environmentally friendly and save space on the road.

Electric cargo bikeHandy for extra luggage (Image: Matts)

#2 Lightweight electric bikes

An electric bike will get you a lot farther than a regular two-wheeler thanks to pedal assistance. But some e-bikes are big and heavy, which means you can’t easily take them with you. Don’t worry: By 2024, there will be more and more lightweight e-bikes.

These e-bikes are much lighter and more manageable. Brands such as Santa Cruz, Specialized and Orbea already have lightweight e-bikes that resemble normal bikes. They have smaller batteries that sit in the frame, light motors and they are almost as light as regular bikes.

#3 Higher speeds

If you’re often late or, time is short, a fast electric bike can’t hurt. In 2024, we are undoubtedly going to see e-bikes that go dozens of kilometers per hour. Some can even go very fast up to 80 kilometers per hour (!). Downside: in the Netherlands, you can forget about riding these, because they are banned.

There is also a growing number of e-bikes that can go faster than what is officially allowed. Some e-bikes even look more like motorcycles than regular bikes. It seems that the line between e-bikes and mopeds is becoming increasingly blurred.

Helmet requirement for electric budget bikeWill helmets become mandatory? (Image: Unsplash / Max Bender)

#4 Everyone uses an e-bike

The days when an electric bike was only used by people who needed pedal assistance are truly over. The e-bike has evolved into a means of transportation that everyone can enjoy.

Some people use e-bikes for short rides or errands, while others see it as a cool toy. There are even e-bikes that look like regular bikes, but are a lot faster. So there is something for everyone.

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