4 Easter eggs in Super Mario Bros Movie trailer and

4 Easter eggs in Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer (and more)

The first trailer of Super Mario Bros. Movie has been dropped with very curious consequences. Anyway, there are four wonderful “easter eggs” to be found, but also the Internet gets quite excited about Bowser (but really). WANT editor Dennis Mons is pleasantly surprised AND rather confused.

Movies based on games don’t have too good a reputation. Still, there are some examples like Sonic the Hedgehog and to some extent Free Guy that prove that it doesn’t have to be an immediately ill-fated project. And the trailer for Super Mario Bros. Movie, in all honesty, certainly does not disappoint. There’s some moaning about Mario’s bum, but that’s not all. Far from it, believe me.

Super Mario Bros. Movie will be… good?

Admittedly, I’ll be the first to go cranky complaining that filmmakers should keep their paws off game movies. But this animated film about Mario, Luigi, Bowser and consorts looks pretty darn good in the first teaser trailer. So do four easter eggs in the trailer.

#1 Bowser’s castle

Although not directly a copy from a Mario game, Bowser’s castle comes by just as quickly. And it does look tremendously similar to his castle from Paper Mario. Will we also get a flattened Mario in this movie? Let’s hope so.

bowser, super mario bros, nintendoCozy hideaway (Image: Nintendo)

#2 Spike Balls from Koopa’s

In Super Mario Bros. 3 (arguably the best Mario game ever, as far as I’m concerned), there are Spike Balls. And so they also show up in the trailer. They are used by Spikes; a distinct class of Koopas.

Super Mario Bros, Mario, SpikeAh yes, those fine pointed balls. (Image: Nintendo)

#3 Penguins!

Okay this isn’t even an Easter egg: they’re prominently featured in the trailer. But so those annoying penguins (from Mario 64, among others) play an important role in the film, and they are petulant and persistent.

Super Mario Bros, PinguAngry penguins are by definition an ingredient for success … n00t, NOTHING! (Image: Trickfilmstudios)

#4 Toxic magic mushrooms

Mario is known to be a big fan of magic mushrooms. But Toad warns him in the trailer not to eat the blue mushroom. No worries: the blue ones are perfectly healthy. Eat the dark purple (quite blue-eyed) fungi, however, and it could cost you your life.

trippy, toad, super mario brosTrippy (Image: Nintendo)

Bowser is … sexy in Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Here comes another piece of confusion: people are “lusting” (I put it in parentheses to be sure, but it’s a fact) for Bowser in this trailer. It’s another example of Rule 34: ‘porn exists on any subject’. And we suspect that this is totally triggered by Bowser in the Super Marios Bros. Movie trailer. It’s hilarious to imagine that the filmmakers really didn’t make this up for that reason, and are now like:

James Franco, trailer, Nintendo… so erhm, yeah (Image: Giphy)

Here are some examples of … distinct reactions to Bowser.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

I just know that this Bowser f*cks https://t.co/WnwdEHIIt7

– Bosco (@hereisbosco) October 6, 2022

People also see things that aren’t there? Or just hope things?

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

Friend: Do you think you should tone down the Bowser thirst on your TL?

Me: pic.twitter.com/wKea2Iamhw

– Scott FEARichs 🏳️🌈 (@KaiserNeko) October 6, 2022

And they don’t beat around the bush.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

id let bowser fuck me tbh

– Arin Hanson, City Smasher (@egoraptor) October 6, 2022

Does a tortoise dragon monster thing count as a Furry? Because expect a lot of Bowsers at Comic-Cons next year.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

bowser is so sexy like in the way where he’s a giant monster so gender doesn’t register to me

– the world’s first lesbian kaworu (@voxybunch) October 6, 2022

All in all, we can say that gamers are extremely happy with the first trailer of Super Mario Bros Movie, although some initial enthusiastic reactions are debatable. Then again; I too have been around for a while and am used to a lot. AND; I am seriously looking forward to this movie starring Chris Pratt and Jack Black, among others, coming out in April next year.


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