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5 mad Netflix games worth trying anyway

Whoever says gaming, of course they shout PlayStation and Xbox. But Netflix can do some gaming, too. The streaming service has been offering games for subscribers for some time and, oddly enough, there are some really tasty gems among them.

While the chances are pretty slim that Netflix will give other services like Xbox Game Pass a hard time, it’s a nice addition to the subscription you probably already have anyway. WANT editor Mark Hofman tried out a few titles and lists five interesting games for you in this article.

Sorry, games on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix has been offering games on its platform for some time now. However, it is not a great success yet, because the games are not incredibly easy to find. On the streaming service’s home page, however, they can be found. You click on a title, download the game and then enjoy.

Netflix GamesGames on Netflix. (Image: Netflix)

While some of the titles on offer may feel a bit far-fetched, others are an excellent fit for the platform. These include games from Netflix original Stranger Things. Great for fans who can’t get enough of it, for example.


How much should I pay for games on Netflix?

To play games on Netflix, you pay nothing extra. Anyway, so you have to have an active subscription. The cheapest subscription will cost you 7.99 euros and the most expensive 15.99 euros per month

Despite the fact that Netflix Games is not a huge success, there are some titles that I think you should give a chance. These are them:

#1 Lucky Luna: more than a platformer

Platformers are great. Popping a few levels while waiting for the train or meal delivery guy is a delightful pastime. In that respect, Lucky Luna is a cool title. Why? Because it gives the familiar genre a different spin.

The idea is the same, but the Netflix game does not offer users a jump button. As a result, you have to find all kinds of other ways to get to the end of the level. Nice concept, cool design and reason for fun!

#2 Stranger Things 1984: more from the Netflix Orignal

There it is: as mentioned in the intro, there are also games based on Netflix Originals. Stranger Things: 1984 is a delightful game for fans who can’t get enough of Hawkins and everything that happens there.

Stranger Things: 1984 is a classic action-adventure game in which you, the player, go back in time. Together with Hopper and the famous kids, you explore Hawkins, the Upside Down and other famous locations like Mirkwood Forest. Complete missions, collect eggs and make the most of them.

#3 Netflix Heads Up!: ideal for parties

Heads Up! is a damn fun game. You hold a card (or smartphone) on your head and have to guess who or what exactly is on that card. Classic Who Am I? in other words, but in English.

Netflix now also has a new variant that focuses entirely on the platform’s movies and series and its characters. Fun for connoisseurs, funny for an evening at home with friends.

#4 Desta The Memories Between: a surreal experience

One of my personal favorite puzzle games is Monument Valley. The beautifully designed game has managed to rack the brain for hours and I am honestly glad that more people can experience the concept, quite accessible.

Completely similar it is not, but the makers of Monument Valley enrich Netflix with Desta: The Memories Between. Those who love puzzle games should try this game without a doubt. Trust me.

#5 Spiritfarer: skipper may I sail over?

Building boats, collecting resources and growing your own crops: Spiritfarer is the perfect game in that regard. This hand-drawn game puts you in the shoes of a real boat master who manages his crew to make life on the boat as comfortable as possible.

Spiritfarer is akin to Moonlight, another mighty title on Netflix, and Fall Out Shelter. Delightful!

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