For the price of this iPhone 14 Pro you can

For the price of this iPhone 14 Pro, you can also just buy a Porsche

Do you have way too much money and don’t know what to do with it? Then you can always turn to Caviar. They have now created a bizarre version of the iPhone 14 Pro, which is also bizarrely expensive.

The iPhone 14 Pro comes with a hefty price tag, of course. The entry-level model costs $1,329, but you’d rather have the one with 256 GB, since unlike the 128 GB version it can record in ProRes. This one, however, costs 1,459 euros.

The world’s most expensive iPhone 14 Pro from Caviar

OK, a hefty bag of money, then. But it can get much more expensive. Almost 100 times more expensive, but that doesn’t mean you get 100 copies. No, Caviar has created a unique design. Unique, but also, in my own opinion, spiteful (no really no jealousy).

It is the Caviar Daytona iPhone 14 Pro. The name Daytona comes from the Rolex model built into the phone (because yes, apparently it’s too hard to see the time on the screen itself). This model is going to cost you $134,250 if you really want it.

iPhone 14 Pro CaviarTake your time. (Image Caviar)

Spend the money for your iPhone 14 Pro, for example, on…

134,250 is a hefty sum of money, or 137,527 euros. You can do other fun things with that money. I list for you five special things, for when you hesitate to do something else with that money after all.

#1 A parking space in Amsterdam

Parking in Amsterdam obviously costs you a fortune. If you’d rather just have your own spot in the center where no one ever stands you can also just buy one. Of course, there is hardly anything more luxurious in the Netherlands.

So too on the Brouwersgracht for 125,000 euros. That leaves you no 12,000 euros to get a Suzuki Alto and an ordinary iPhone 14 Pro. You have to save on something.

Amsterdam canalsAmsterdam canal houses (Image: Liene Ratniece / Pexels)

#2 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Executive

Do you already have a garage unit in Amsterdam? Then you can choose to spend the money entirely on a Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Executive. This car, with a top speed of 280 km and 462 hp, you have for 132,800 euros. Tell me, this is much nicer than an iPhone 14 Pro with Rolex (unless you don’t have a driver’s license).

Porsche Panamera iPhone 14 Pro

#3 3-day trip to the most expensive hotel in the world

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is the most expensive in the world. The “cheap” rooms at this seven-star hotel start from 820 euros per night, but the largest suite is a bit pricier. This one is 780 square meters and will cost you 50,000 euros per night. A First Class ticket at Emirates will cost you 7,380 euros.

That leaves you with 30,000 euros in pocket money to fill your three days as best you can. You can of course go to luxury restaurants, one of the many shopping malls or rent an expensive boat via your iPhone 14 Pro. So you’ll be through your money in no time.

#4 Jason Derulo at your party

Do you have something to celebrate, like your birthday? Then of course you can go a little bigger for your circle talk with a bowl of cheese and liverwurst in the middle. You can also book a top artist for an unforgettable party.

If Seattle Talent Buying is to be believed, a performance by Jason Derulo costs about $125,000. Supposedly that performance lasts half an hour, but your friends will be talking about it their whole lives. That may cost something, right? After all, you can film with your regular iPhone 14 Pro.

#5 Taking a child instead of the iPhone 14 Pro

Thought all of the above was expensive? Forget it! Having a child, that’s what costs you. You get something in return, of course, but also an empty wallet. According to Quest, your little koter could cost 120,000 euros until he is eighteen.

If you pay for his studies and a few extra things, you come a long way toward the price of Caviar’s iPhone 14 Pro.

screen time kids iphoneExpensive even without iPhone (Image: Unsplash)

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