FIFA 23 Why Im getting hot and cold from the

FIFA 23: Why I’m getting hot and cold from the Ted Lasso update

It was a big surprise yesterday: the announcement that Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are in FIFA 23. Super, but at the same time also a moment to worry thinks WANT editor Jeroen Kraak.

It’s actually a kind of annual tradition for me to buy the new FIFA game. I don’t really want to spend any money on it, but since my friends play it too, I have to. This is the only way we can continue to play online games together. Therefore, as a big fan of Ted Lasso, FIFA 23 will be a must-have. But at the same time, I don’t want to reward it.

Ted Lasso in FIFA 23

It was big news on Tuesday. It started with a Twitter post from Ted Lasso’s team who were seemingly working on special shots. Below that, the EA Sports FIFA Twitter account responded. It immediately created a lot of rumors. Then a day later, there was the video with the confirmation: Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are in FIFA 23.

It may be called a special move. For the first time there is a fantasy team in the FIFA series. Normally the games are known for their focus on realism. Parent company EA therefore goes to great lengths to get all teams and leagues in the game. So now the spell is broken in FIFA 23 by a fictional soccer team we know from a television series.

Yet the announcement by Ted Lasso and EA does not stand alone. It was previously announced that Marvel will be featured in FIFA 23. We know that at least the Marvel style will be used in the maps for Ultimate Team, but still, it would be cool if there were a Marvel team with super powers in addition to Ted Lasso.

A Hulk in defense pounding away at everyone and a Thor in the striker popping a ball into the goal with his hammer. Then again, some sort of Mario Strikers mode in FIFA would be an addition.

A big red flag

While I think it’s super that characters from my favorite series are now playable in FIFA 23, it doesn’t make me completely happy. In fact, Ted Lasso is mostly a red flag for me. The creators hardly innovate the game, but you pay full price for it every year.

That’s really just for a database update of players transferred from clubs and a few minor changes in stats.

Ted Lasso Roy Kent FIFA 23Roy Kent in FIFA 23. (Image: EA)

For years, FIFA players have been waiting for real innovations in the game. Outside of Ultimate Team, the game is hardly renewed. So a new career mode would be very welcome. In addition, finally those frustrating mistakes of your fellow players should be taken out (especially goalkeepers). Do something about that for once EA and come up with real innovation!

All the announcements of Ted Lasso and Marvel in FIFA 23 mostly give me the impression that EA Sports is investing mainly in external appearances, rather than really improving the game itself.

Something that really should happen sometime to really justify the full purchase price. I therefore hope that I am completely wrong and that FIFA 23 will be a real stunner.

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