How to easily save money with your Nintendo Switch

How to easily save money with your Nintendo Switch

Price cap or not, current energy prices just hurt. Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch is the most energy-efficient console available, although it is possible to save even more!

The Nintendo Switch is about 33 times more energy efficient compared to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S. That does depend a bit on which version of the Switch you have, because as you know, there are three models: the original Switch, the Lite variant and the OLED version.

Nintendo Switch: does the Switch model matter?

As time has gone on, Nintendo has made the Switch a little more energy efficient. So that means the Nintendo Switch OLED is a bit more energy efficient than its predecessors, although the differences are not huge. But every little bit counts, of course!

Now to say that you should trade in your current Switch model for a newer one… No way, don’t! At least not for your energy bill. But for anyone looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch right before the holidays, with current energy prices, it’s something you may want to pay some attention to.

Nintendo Switch LiteThis saving tip will get you through the winter! (Image: Nintendo)

Here’s how to save on your energy bill

If you want to save on your energy bill, you can do so in part by not connecting your Nintendo Switch to your TV via the dock too often. Handheld mode is a lot more energy-efficient, since it doesn’t require a TV and the Switch isn’t constantly on the charger. But the Switch itself also takes it a bit easier on energy consumption. At least with the Lite version, you don’t have this “problem,” as it cannot be connected to a TV.

The OLED version, in turn, is a lot more efficient to connect via the dock. Moreover, it lets up a lot faster by means of the USB-C port. However, again, it is useful to unplug from the dock and turn off the Nintendo Switch (OLED) completely once you are not using it. It’s also better to turn the screen brightness down a bit. Again, saves some energy, although all in all, of course, it’s only about little bits.

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