Call of Duty fans stomp the wrong Modern Warfare III

So, is Call of Duty coming to Xbox Game Pass or not?

Microsoft wants Activision’s games on day of release directly on Xbox and PC. What are the chances of Call of Duty coming to the Xbox Game PAss?

Since October 2023, Activision Blizzard has become part of Microsoft. It pulled out 75.4 billion euros for the acquisition. Activison Blizzard now belongs to Microsoft Gaming and is a sister company of Xbox.

Since this purchase by Microsoft, there have been questions about whether Activision and Blizzard games such as Call of Duty and Diablo will come to Xbox Game Pass. With recent statements from Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, it seems likely that we will indeed see these games on Game Pass.

Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass

In a recent interview with Gamefile, Spencer revealed that he still plans to put first-party Xbox games on Game Pass immediately upon release. After the recent purchase of Activision Blizzard, these games are now among these first-party games.

Spencer went on to say that the plan is to put the entire portfolio of Zenimax (Bethesda), Xbox Game Studios and Activion Blizzard on Game Pass. He did not say when this is the plan, only that it will happen at some point.

Call of Duty: xbox activision (Image: Activision)

When is it really going to happen?

Now the question remains whether Call of Duty will actually come to Game Pass. There has not yet been a clear answer to this from Xbox itself.

The chances of the Call of Duty games becoming available on Game Pass are certainly high. This is especially supported by the statements of the head of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer.


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We can also see the future addition of World of Warcraft as a glimmer of hope. After all, the game, like Call of Duty, is part of Activision Blizzard. So if titles like Diablo 4 and World of Warcraft can come to Xbox Game Pass, Call of Duty is probably not far away.

Many fans can’t wait for Call of Duty to be on Game Pass, especially after the reduction of Xbox exclusive games. The popular shooter on Game Pass can certainly give the company a huge boost. Why read below.

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