What GTA 6 can learn from the lousy launch of

What GTA 6 can learn from the lousy launch of Cyberpunk 2077

It’s out on the street: the early work of GTA 6 is just up for grabs. Painful, but, oh well. Still, developer Rockstar Games could have learned a lesson from the release of Cyberpunk 77, because did it really go smoothly? Of course, Cyberpunk wasn’t really leaked, and yet there are lessons to be learned. WANT editor makes the connections.

Rockstar Games, I love Rockstar. It’s a stiff and closed company, but the products they make are magisterial. And no, I’m not downplaying any crunches, and oppression in the workplace. But in the meantime, Rockstar itself has figured that out. And that’s why the leak with all those videos just hurt.

GTA 6 had to leak like Cyberpunk 77

First of all, I have been working in the game industry for a long time and have seen early version of a game many a time. So I’m not lying about the leaked images from GTA 6. That there are a few haters shouting that the game is not what they wanted, two points;

Please shut the waffle
Do it yourself if you know better

GTA 6, leak, leakAlready stunning (Image: Rockstar)

And yet Rockstar Games could have known better by looking at the launch of Cyberpunk 77.

Too much hype

GTA 6, take heart from the launch of Cyberpunk 77. In fact, the first images of the game came out back in 2013. However, the game was in development at CD Projekt Red long before then. Everything we saw beforehand was not in the game. After ten years and many E3 presentations later (I was on site), a baby carriage piece of shit came out.

You really needed a killing machine for Cyberpunk 2077, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the game refused to run decently. Sony PlayStation even pulled the game from the PlayStation Store. Ouch.

GTA 6 can do better

I really have faith in the men, women and the rest at Rockstar Games that they won’t make this trivial mistake with GTA 6. It’s not for nothing that the game has been a decade in the making. Rockstar, please do not (for now) show features that are not yet in the game, like Cyberpunk 2077 did. Frankly, I know you guys don’t.

I have some sage advice for the (unlikely) panicked marketing people at Rockstar/Take Two: put the leaked footage side by side. Old and new. Just state the following: this is what you saw and this is what it has become. And gamers, adjust your brains, because GTA 6 is going to be more immense á beautiful á smarter á faster á toffer than you ever dreamed.

And let’s face it: we’ll be on a store’s doorstep anyway when GTA 6 comes out.

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