Sony ends irritation of many a PlayStation 5 user

Why you better wait to buy a PlayStation 5 controller

Are you ready for a new PlayStation 5 controller? Then you better wait to order one. After all, a new one is coming.

With your PlayStation 5, you can now buy two different controllers. The first is the regular version and the second is the special DualSense Edge with more options.

A new one will soon be added. Or well, rather a new one in an old jacket. Therefore, you have a good reason to wait a little longer with your purchase if you are about to order a new PlayStation 5 controller.

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 controller

Let’s face it, the PlayStation 5 controller needs little innovation. The DualSense controller fits well in the hand and works incredibly well, especially when compared to the PlayStation 4’s DualShock. Still, Sony says it can do just a little better and is coming out with a new version DualSense for the console.

This innovation has everything to do with the battery. While I am quite satisfied with the battery life of the DualSense, there is still room for improvement, Sony must have thought. You’d just happen to have that difficult boss, or be playing a game of EA Sports FC 24 online when your PlayStation 5 controller fails.

A new PlayStation 5 controller you'd rather not buy right nowGaming! (Image: Reet Talreja / Unsplash)

A new version of the DualSense now appears to be coming. The main feature is that it will have a better battery, making the controller last longer.

This is the 2 DualSense

This PlayStation 5 controller has appeared on the website of US retailer BestBuy. Something seems to have gone wrong there, as presumably the new version of the DualSense was not allowed to appear yet.

The description of the V2 DualSense, as it will probably be called, says that the battery will easily last 12 hours, which is more than the current controller. So that would be more than the original version, which lasts six to nine hours.

Exactly when we can expect the new controller is still unknown. It’s not on the page and Sony hasn’t announced it yet. When it does appear on the schedule we will probably hear the price as well.

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