Xbox Series X in 2022 5 top games to look

Xbox Series X & S: the 5 tastiest exclusives worth playing

The PlayStation 5 is the gaming console that is often at the top of gamers’ wish lists. But thanks in part to the Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Series X also comes highly recommended. And if you do not have a 4K television, then the Xbox Series S might be the best choice. For 300 euros you can enjoy many great games.

If you look at the future of the Xbox Series X, it looks really bright. Microsoft, of course, has acquired a lot of great game studios. Bethesda and Activision Blizzard are the two biggest acquisitions, but before that it managed to acquire other big studios. But also at the moment there are a lot of great games to try. Some are specifically for this generation of consoles, while other games already appeared for the Xbox One, but are still worth a try. These are the five absolute must-plays.

Top games for the Xbox Series X & S

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is without a doubt one of the best games released last year. The game appeared exclusively on the Xbox Series X, in addition to the PC version. In this racing game you tear through the beautiful Mexico. You have the choice of many different cars to let loose. Besides participating in races, you’re also busy being stylish along the way. By doing so, you earn points, which you can use to level up your car. By doing that you unlock certain advantages and get a little further. The thick soundtrack and the many online possibilities make it a game that you can play for many hours.

Forza Horizon 5Forza Horizon 5 (Image: Microsoft)

Halo Infinite

Originally, Halo Infinite was supposed to be available for the Xbox Series X from launch. We had to wait a year for it, and the cooperative option is unfortunately still missing. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a joy to play. First you had the multiplayer which launched as a free-to-play experience and works very well. But I still had the most fun with the story. In doing so, you are presented with an engaging main story, but have at least as much fun with the individual things you can do. The game has an almost perfect shooting system and has many opportunities to play with the environment. Now just throw in the co-op and it really is almost the perfect game.

Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator

When you think of Microsoft Flight Simulator you might not immediately think of the Xbox Series X. The game was initially released on the PC. There it was a fantastic experience and was already very playable with a controller. Therefore, it was already clear that the game would be perfect for the console. And it really does have something special. This summer I flew a flight over Texel. I could then really imitate that perfectly in the game. But you can also travel to Japan and fly over Tokyo. Or you can go to Australia and go on a digital vacation there.

Microsoft Flight SimulatorMicrosoft Flight Simulator (Image: Microsoft)

Gears 5

The top three games are titles made from scratch for the Xbox Series X. With the Xbox Game Pass, you can also enjoy games that originally appeared on the Xbox One. And in some cases, you’ll still enjoy certain benefits. That certainly applies to Gears 5 as well. The game is one of the best games on the One and benefits from certain visual improvements and loading times on the new game console. The game brings a great story and many thick shootouts. The game is also ideal for playing together.

Gears 5 Games with Gold February 2021-line up Xbox Series XGears 5 (Image: Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves

The latest cool exclusive game for the Xbox Series X is one that also appeared on the Xbox One: Sea of Thieves. A game that was nice at launch, but became really interesting in the period after. Sea of Thieves is the ideal game to play together. As a couple of pirates you take your place on your ship and set sail in search of new adventures. A game that takes some time to really get into, but ultimately well worth it.

Sea of ThievesSea of Thieves (Image: Rare)

These are about five cool games you can play exclusively on the Xbox Series X or Series S. Want to read more about the platform? Then visit our overview page here.