Apple Back to School launched heres how to get a

Apple Back to School launched: here’s how to get a discount and a bonus

Every year you can set the clock to it: the Back to School promotion from Apple. You get discounts on all kinds of products in the Store. The promotion is available in most European countries, including at least the Netherlands and Belgium. So if you have a particular product in mind, now is the time to get it.

If you buy a product during Apple’s Back to School campaign, you may also receive an additional gift card. The card will then carry an amount of up to one hundred to one hundred and fifty euros. And that’s a nice extra, especially when you also get a substantial discount.

Back to School with Apple

Find out all about it on Apple’s official website. The gift certificate of up to 150 euros will be given to you when you buy a Mac for your studies (or afterwards). The other voucher, worth up to 100 euros, will be given to you when you buy an iPad. The tablet has proven to be a valuable tool in education.

M2 MacBook Pro

Including the education discount, from now on you can score a MacBook Air, for example, for an amount starting at 1,104 euros. You can then choose between models with an M1 or M2 chipset. On this store page you will find the options for the Air, where you can already indicate at the top exactly which Apple processor you want to go for.

MacBook Pro or an iMac?

Do you prefer a MacBook Pro? Then you can already buy one for a price starting at 1,504 euros. On this page you can make your choice and you also have to indicate how big the screen has to be. Going for an iMac after all? That’s no problem either: here you can see that you will pay at least 1,362 euros for it.

Finally, of course, we’ll include the iPad. You can choose an iPad Air or iPad Pro, which cost at least 646 or 862 euros respectively. Via the Apple website you can also look up information about the various products. You can also be tempted to buy some accessories.

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