Apple Watch Series 9 gets update that doesnt do you

Apple Watch Series 9 gets update that doesn’t do you much good

There is a legitimate question: Why should I move from an Apple Watch 8th Generation to the next Apple Watch? Rumors make OMT editor Dennis Mons rather doubtful about the new Apple Watch.

The year has only just begun and already Apple is buzzing with rumors regarding the iPhone 15 but also certainly the new Apple Watch. Should we be excited about the latter? We do a quick dive on the latest rumors.

Apple Watch renewal, iPhone 15 and more

It is always guessing what the company in Cupertino is going to concoct in terms of products toward the end of the year. But that a new iPhone AND Watch are coming out is a fact. What can we expect?

Tech analyst Jeff Pu says Apple is likely to release two notable products in late 2023, including the first Apple Watch with a micro-LED display and cheaper AirPods. AirPods Lite? That first one in particular is intriguing.

A new high-end Apple Watch will likely have a larger 2.1-inch micro-LED display which would lead to higher brightness compared to current Watch models with OLED displays. In theory, this also saves quite a bit of battery life. Is this exactly what we need?

Apple Watch UltraA life saver (Image: Apple)

Successor to the Watch Ultra

This model is likely to be a newer, affordable version of the Watch Ultra that was launched last September and has a 1.92-inch display. Not very groundbreaking, then, since Apple has already released its flagship in terms of watches. The 8th Generation and Apple Watch Ultra are perfect in that regard (for now).

Details like this are to be taken with a grain of salt, of course. Pu does not work for Apple and gets his information from third parties.

It will be a while until September(?) to know more, but we are on the edge of our seats. Apple did disappoint a bit over the past two years, so hopefully now we are really going to see tech that amazes us.

We grab a stool.