Apple Watch Ultra lasts 60 hours but how exactly do

Apple Watch Ultra lasts 60 hours, but how exactly do you get there?

The Apple Watch Ultra is a fresh appearance in the smartwatch market. It is made specifically for adventurers who demand the utmost from a watch. Partly for that reason, it lasts 60 hours, but how do you achieve that?

Of course, we’ve known for a while that Apple was working on a more expensive smartwatch, and in September we saw the result. One of the features is a 60-hour battery life. Anyway, that may be true on paper, but how do you really achieve that?

60 hours with the Apple Watch Ultra

Not many users will reach that 60 hours of battery life, as Apple says the Apple Watch Ultra will last about 36 hours with normal use. With that, of course, you’ll make use of various features such as workouts and health tracking.

If you really want to, you can even reach 60 hours. Apple promised that before, but since watchOS 9.1 it’s actually a reality. With the Apple Watch Ultra, the company calls this “multi-day adventure battery life.

But how exactly do you get that 60 hours of battery life. For that, you do need to follow some steps. We explain to you exactly how to get that done.

Apple Watch UltraApple Watch Ultra (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

This is how you do it

First, of course, you go to the Settings of your Watch Ultra. Then you have to go to a somewhat unexpected option, that of Workout. In that section, you’ll find Low Power Mode.

Check it and your Apple Watch will last a lot longer on a full charge. To really reach the 60 hours, you also have to select in the same menu that the smartwatch collects less GPS and heart rate data.

More actions required

But of course, this doesn’t just apply to Workout data. You will also need to take other actions. For example, you’ll also need to turn on the general Low Power Mode on the Apple Watch Ultra.

To do that, press the battery percentage in the Control Panel that you get to see when you swipe up. There you can select Low Power Mode. It’s also useful to turn off your notifications.

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