ChatGPT as Apple expert which iPhone should you buy according

ChatGPT as Apple expert: which iPhone should you buy according to the AI chat service?

That ChatGPT is handy, we know by now. However, there are still plenty of things OpenAI’s AI chatbot lends itself well to, such as giving advice on buying a new iPhone. But whether that’s even good advice …

In September of 2022, the iPhone 14 series was released and later this year we can even expect the iPhone 15. With each new device, the specs only get better. And yet, these are not the smartphones ChatGPT recommends. Huh!

ChatGPT: how can I help you?

Ask ChatGPT the question “Which iPhone should I buy?” and you’ll get a comprehensive 167-word answer, although this varies each time you ask the question. However, no matter how many times you click Regenerate response, it is not the latest iPhone that is recommended.

ChatGPT actually uses a dataset that dates back to 2021. That means the AI chat service has no knowledge at all of the existence of the iPhone 14. Instead, the chatbot comes up with the 13-series devices.

Which iPhone is really best to choose the first time we ask the question, although ChatGPT does say that the Pro models are a better choice if you value photography and video. That’s no lie, of course!

Furthermore, ChatGPT lets us know that there are other good affordable options. For example, the iPhone SE (2020) and XR are mentioned as “good choices. We ourselves know better. The latter device appeared in 2018 and is not really worth it in 2023. Besides, the 2022 SE is also out by now.

iPhone 13 ProThe iPhone 13 Pro. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Maybe not a good advisor for an iPhone after all

In another attempt, the AI chatbot does tell you about several factors to base your purchase on. For example, the iPhone SE is a good budget option, the 13 mini the best choice for a smaller phone.

If you are looking for an older device to save some money, ChatGPT’s advice is of course fine. But in most cases, it is still smart to get advice from a phone store or of course by reading many articles from One More Thing!