Hilarious tool creates peculiar sensation on your iPhone

Hilarious tool creates peculiar sensation on your iPhone

Apple has brought geeky emoji backgrounds to the iPhone with the arrival of iOS 16, but the much cuter Memoji have been left out. That’s about to change thanks to a hilarious tool.

The tool is completely free to use and allows you to add different Memoji to a personalized background on your iPhone. You can choose to use one and the same Memoji or just different Memoji and various poses. Either way, the result is hilarious.

Hilarious tool fills iPhone screen with Memoji

To hilariously fill your iPhone screen with Memoji, surf to Memotify.com on your iPhone. Tap Create Wallpaper, then choose a pattern and color. Next, pick a Memoji of your choice. In addition to the classic variants, it is possible to add your own personalized Memoji.

Tap Select Memoji Here. Tap the smiley icon on your iPhone keyboard, then select a Memoji with pose of your choice on the left side. You can add up to six of them. Next, tap Create Wallpaper. The result appears in the preview at the bottom.

iPhone tool Memotify

Make any further changes, if necessary, and when you are satisfied, tap Download Wallpaper. Then hold down the image and tap Save Image. You’ll find it in the iPhone’s Photos app. Now all you have to do is add it as wallpaper.

Adding Memoji background

You can add your new hilarious Memoji background through your iPhone’s settings. Open Background and tap Add new background. Tap Photos. Choose All and select the image. Add widgets if necessary and change the color and font of the clock.

Tap Add to save the image as wallpaper and then choose either Set as Wallpaper Pair or Customize Home Screen. Your iPhone now features a hilarious background full of funny Memoji!

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