iOS 16 these improvements and new features coming to your

iOS 16: these improvements and new features coming to your iPhone

Apple unveiled the latest version of iOS at WWDC 2022. Thanks to iOS 16, your iPhone is soon going to get a lot of new features and improvements.

From small visual tweaks to big changes, iOS 16 is going to improve your iPhone on several fronts. We list the most important points.

Your lock screen comes to life in iOS 16

One big improvement in iOS 16 is that you’ll soon be able to customize a lot more within your lock screen. For example, you can choose different filters to make your background photo come to life even more. You can also change the design and color of your clock. You can now also place the clock partly behind the main subject in your photo.

Lockscreen iOS 16 WWDC 2022More options for your lockscreen (Image: Apple)

In addition, in iOS 16 it is possible to add different widgets to your lockscreen. In this way, you instantly get all the information you have left. New to this is what Apple calls Live activities. This is a kind of combination between a widget and notifications.

Apple is extending focus modes into the lockscreen in iOS 16. This means that with each focus mode you can choose a different lock screen. This way, you can even better choose to avoid certain information or bring it into extra prominence.

Lockscreen iOS 16 WWDC 2022Focus mode now also adjusts your lockscreen (Image: Apple)

More control over your messages

In iOS 16, the Messages app is also getting some new features. For example, it will soon be possible to edit your message after you send it. This way you can correct small mistakes. It is also possible to retrieve the entire message.

WWDC 2022 iOS 16Customize your message in iOS 16
(Image: Apple)

Another feature coming to the Messages app in iOS 16 is the ability to display messages you’ve already opened as unread. Pretty convenient when you don’t have time to respond right away.

Dictation and the Wallet in iOS 16

For anyone who prefers talking to typing, it’s good to know that in iOS 16 the dictation feature is going to get an upgrade. The main goal is to combine the best of dictation with your keyboard. Your iPhone will also be able to detect when you want to use an emoji.

In iOS 16, the Apple Wallet also gets some interesting new features. For example, it will soon be possible to share keys. Useful if you want to lend your car, for example. So in iOS 16 it will be possible to email your key or send it via the Messenger app and even WhatsApp.

Apple Maps finally comes to the Netherlands

During WWDC 2022, Apple also announced that the new Maps display is finally coming to the Netherlands! This means that the maps app in iOS 16 will soon have more features and look a lot better.

WWDCS 2022 MapsMaps was never so beautiful
(Image: Apple)

For example, it will soon be possible to add up to 15 stops to your route (as you are used to from Google Maps). You can plan this route in advance and then send it to your iPhone. If you still want to change your route on the way, you can do this via Siri. So you are well prepared and safe on the road.

Put your family and friends first in iOS 16

iOS 16 is not just for you, but for your entire family. For example, during WWDC 2022, Apple went into more detail about Family Sharing. This is mainly about setting up and managing children’s devices. For example, in iOS 16 you can very easily set what your child can and cannot do. Think about how much screen time and what apps may be used.

If you’d rather share than lock, it’s good to know that Apple is coming out with iCloud Shared Library. This is a kind of photo album that you share with five others. You can choose which photos to share with this album, but there are also automated options. For example, your iPhone can see if you are near someone and automatically share the photo with that person. Useful when you’re out and about together.

Matter and more coming to the Housing app

The Home app is also going to be tackled in iOS 16. Matter is going to play an important role in it (what that means, you can read here). The other changes within the Home app are not huge at first glance. They are mainly small visual adjustments to make it even more pleasant to use.

WWDC 2022 Housing appNew Housing widgets (Image: Apple)

A more interesting improvement is that the Home app is also going to be combined with the new lockscreen improvements. This will allow you to work with different widgets. For example, to keep an eye on your home or to control lights.

iOS 16 gives CarPlay a boost

If you have a car with Apple CarPlay, it’s definitely worth getting iOS 16 in. Apple promises that with this new generation of CarPlay you will get more out of your car. For example, you’ll soon even be able to customize your entire dashboard.

WWDC 2022 CarPlayCarplay gets more comprehensive than ever (Image: Apple)

Apple CarPlay is additionally going to extract more information from your car (your speed, how much fuel you have left, etc.). In this way, CarPlay can be even better integrated into your car. Big brands like Volvo, Ford, Nissan, Polestar, Audi and many others have indicated that they will make full use of this.

iOS 16iOS 16 in a nutshell (Image: Apple)

WWDC 2022 is more than just iOS 16

At WWDC 2022, it wasn’t just iOS 16 that was shown to the public. Apple has a lot more great stuff waiting for you. Curious? Then check out the complete overview of all the announcements.

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