Heres how you avoid an early death of your smartphone

Here’s how you avoid an early death of your smartphone and other tech

Most laptops, smartphones and other tech you use today are pretty sturdy and strong. Unfortunately, the charging port still often remains a weak spot. For example, it still happens too often that your device suddenly stops charging. In such cases, your iPhone or other device seems beyond repair without an extremely expensive repair. Don’t worry, with this simple and cheap trick you will never have this problem again.

The cause of a broken usb, lightning or other type of port is usually wear and tear. If you use the port of your iPhone or Android, for example, regularly, the connectors stretch or change position. This gradually makes it harder and harder for the cable to connect. The result is a smartphone that barely, or not at all, wants to charge anymore.

Prevent serious damage to iPhone or Android thanks to this trick

Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by purchasing a usb extension cable or adapter. It is important that you always leave the extension cable connected, even when you are not charging the device. In this way, the USB port is protected against direct contact with the charging cable. You also reduce the chance of dust or crumbs ending up in the output. This solution is especially suitable for laptops or tablets. For an iPhone or Android, this option might be a bit awkward. After all, you can’t possibly leave an extra adapter dangling from your smartphone all day. Therefore, make use of a wireless charging station so that you don’t have to use the usb port at all.

usb extension cable in laptopThis is how to use a usb extension cable or adapter. (Image: Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels)

Be careful with extension cords

Just remember that the usb output of your adapter can also wear out. This means that after a while it will also need to be replaced. It is therefore necessary that you protect the extension cable properly with, for example, a cable clamp. Fortunately, it is not a disaster if you eventually have to replace it. This is because it is a lot cheaper than having an iPhone or Android output repaired.

Also, be careful when installing the adapter with the original cable. The more fragile the connector, the greater the chance that you’ll accidentally place something at a slightly wrong angle. And this, of course, also applies again to the output of the wireless charger for your iPhone or Android. So always take good care of all your cables and outlets!

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