One More Deal Sonos One now available at a deep

One More Deal: Sonos One now available at a deep discount

Every week, the editors of One More Thing highlight a special offer you won’t want to miss. This week, the Sonos One is extra cheap at

The Sonos One has been on the market for almost three years, but it is still among the better speakers on the market. Still, the question is how long it will be available. The company has already announced a successor with the Era 100, but it is more expensive.

The Sonos One is now cheaper at

Therefore, now might be the ideal time to score the Sonos One cheaper. After all, is taking quite a bit off the price.

The Sonos One is your ideal home assistant. For example, it features voice control in Dutch. Moreover, the device is also waterproof, so you can even put it in the bathroom. Ideal if you want to sing along in the shower.

This brings us straight to the most important function: music playback. Which sounds very good from the speaker you score now at, as it has, among other things, two D-class amplifiers, one tweeter, one midwoofer and six far-field microphones.

The handy thing about Sonos speakers is that you can connect them all together. That way you put several in one room to create the ideal home-cinema, for example. Moreover, you can also connect to your Wi-Fi network very easily. Unfortunately, this speaker does not have bluetooth support.

Sonos, speakersSonos One (Image: Lukas Hellebrand)

Of course, Sonos works very well with your iPhone, but even if you don’t have your device at hand for a moment, the speaker is perfectly controllable. You do that with the easy touch controls.

That’s how much of a discount you get

The Sonos One is now extra cheap at during the seven-day sale. Normally you pay 215 euros for the smart speaker. This week it is only 179 euros. So that’s a 14 percent discount. So don’t wait too long if you still want one.

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