Spy series with Gary Oldman is back on Apple TV

Spy series with Gary Oldman is back on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is filled with an awful lot of gems. One of them is a spy series with Gary Oldman. Meet Slow Horses.

Slow Horses is probably an unknown name to many. Unjustified, because this is a real gem with none other than Gary Oldman. Prepare yourself for a spy thriller with some laughs too.

Spies and Gary Oldman on Apple TV+

Gary Oldman plays spy boss Jackson Lamb at MI5 in the Apple TV+ series. You’re probably thinking mostly of James Bond, but don’t. He is in charge of the failures sent away in other departments.

The character of Gary Oldman himself is certainly not that of the average spy either. Lamb is sloppy and fairly ill-mannered. For example, he curses and farts, makes crude sexist remarks while drinking and smoking. Not a very inspiring leader, in other words. Still, he does function.

The Slow Horses

In the first season, Lamb (Gary Oldman) worked with the stern deputy director of MI5 to stop a terrorist conspiracy. He did so by directing the Slow Horses, the department of spies who made a huge mistake.

In the second season of Slow Horses, long-buried secrets from the Cold War come to light. These pose such a threat that they could cause a bloodbath in London. When a collaboration with Russian criminals takes a fatal turn, the spies must ensure that disaster does not strike.

Slow Horses scores incredibly well

The first season of Slow Horses has been well received by audiences. So far, the series manages to score a 7.7 on IMDb. On Rotten Tomatoes, it is doing even better. There it manages to achieve 97 percent. The second season even scores around 8. Especially Gary Oldman is praised.

You can see the first two episodes of Slow Horses with Gary Oldman starting Friday, December 2, on Apple TV+. After that, a new episode will come every week.

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