The calculator on your iPhone is more brilliant than you

The calculator on your iPhone is more brilliant than you think (and here’s why)

Calculating something quickly on your iPhone is a snap, but the calculator on your smartphone is capable of much more. In fact, there are several hidden functions hidden in this app. Say goodbye to your Casio or Texas Instruments.

Your iPhone’s calculator includes powerful features such as a science mode, but you can also get to work with other smarts to get even more out of the app. This is what Apple’s math hero is all about.

Your iPhone as a math prodigy

#1 Scientific mode

If your old scientific calculator is gathering dust somewhere in the attic, there’s good news. Grab your iPhone and open the Calculator. Turn your device horizontally and you’ll see a bunch of extra features pop up. If nothing happens, make sure the Orientation Lock in the Control Panel is disabled.

#2 Use the hidden backspace button

It happens more often than you’d like: you enter a calculation and you accidentally enter the wrong number. Instead of tapping C to start over, swipe left at the top of the screen to revert the last change. It can be that simple!

iPhone calculator

#3 Copy the result onto your iPhone

Retyping is out of date, especially if you want to use the result of your math calculation elsewhere on your iPhone. Hold down the result of the sum and tap Copy. Then you can paste the number into whatever app you want.

#4 Let Siri do the hard work

If you don’t have your hands free for a while, you can also use your iPhone’s calculator with the help of Siri. All you have to do is activate the smart voice assistant via the side button or Hey Siri and then name the sum. Within seconds, Siri will have the answer ready for you.

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