Samsung Galaxy S23 battery drains like crazy but heres how

Samsung Galaxy S23 battery drains like crazy (but here’s how to fix it)

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has an adaptive image refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes scrolling nice and smooth and games feel more fluid. However, such a high refresh rate is disastrous for the device’s battery life. Here’s what you can do about it.

Where 60Hz used to be the standard, in recent years many smartphone manufacturers have switched to 90Hz, 120Hz or even higher. The Samsung Galaxy S23, like some of its predecessors, features a 120Hz image refresh rate. Coming from a device with 60Hz, this is a world of difference. However, you also sacrifice battery life with it.

Disable 120Hz on your Samsung Galaxy S23

Adjusting the refresh rate takes no time at all. Open the settings on your Samsung Galaxy s23 and tap Display. Next, tap Smooth motion. You have a choice of High and Standard here. So to switch from 120Hz back to 60Hz, choose the latter. Tap Apply to confirm your choice.

By the way, the adaptive image refresh rate of 120Hz means that your smartphone automatically switches between refresh rates based on the task at hand. When scrolling, that’s 120Hz, but when watching a photo or video, it’s scaled back. So of its own accord, your device is already trying to save some battery juice.

Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, AndroidThe entry-level model from the Galaxy S23 series (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

At the Default setting of 60Hz, the refresh rate remains constant. So it doesn’t matter if you’re playing a game, watching a video or scrolling through your menus. For many people, 60Hz is more than enough. If you have been used to a higher refresh rate for some time, it will take a bit more effort to switch back on your Samsung Galaxy S23.

More tips to extend your battery life

There are several ways to live up the battery life of your brand new Samsung Galaxy S23. For example, there are a handful of apps that drain the battery of your Android device. If you don’t use these kinds of apps much or at all, it’s high time to kick them off your smartphone. Your battery will thank you.

Besides, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your device longer before it has to go back on the charger. For example, switch back the brightness, use dark mode and use power saving mode as needed.

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