Wait a minute is your AirTag allowed on the plane

Wait a minute: is your AirTag allowed on the plane or not?

It kept the Internet abuzz for the past week. The possible AirTag ban at Lufthansa. There is now finally clarity thanks to German authorities. Is the gadget now allowed or not?

If you’re going on vacation, you need to pay close attention to packing. For example, many electrical items are not allowed in checked baggage. I myself once found out in an unusual way, when I had left a second phone in my bag. I was called to the gate and had two customs officials breathing down my neck in no time. No, that’s especially not nice when it happens to you in Colombia.

Outcry at Lufthansa because of AirTag

OK, so that’s a bigger device with a bigger battery. Of course, that can’t be said about an AirTag. Still, there was much ado at German airline Lufthansa. It would ban the AirTag in baggage because of security concerns.

Of course, it has more negatives for Lufthansa, which the company itself logically does not mention. For example, passengers immediately see when Lufthansa is messing around with suitcases that have been lost, while people themselves know exactly where they are. Lufthansa faced considerable criticism this summer as much luggage was lost.

Apple AirTagsThe key fob (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Logical to put a tracker in your suitcase

Of course, it makes perfect sense for passengers to put an AirTag in their suitcase. Especially if you fly through Schiphol Airport. Baggage sometimes arrives late or not at all. It is reassuring to know exactly where your luggage is thanks to the tracker.

After much (negative) publicity, Lufthansa later announced it would no longer ban the AirTag from its flights. Now it comes with a more extensive response on Twitter from the German aviation authorities.

Once and for all clarity on the AirTag

“The German aviation authorities confirmed today that they share our risk assessment that tracking devices with very low battery and transmission power in checked baggage do not pose a safety risk. With this, they are permitted on Lufthansa flights.”

So that clarity is now there from Lufthansa. The big question, of course, is whether any other airlines are banning the AirTag. At the moment, it does not appear to be the case.

Now that the German aviation authorities have also spoken out about the AirTag, it does not seem to be a discussion in the future either. It is simply safe, so an airline would now have to come up with a very good story to ban it.

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