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Why you should especially keep an eye on the Apple Watch during WWDC 2023

In just over a week it will be here: WWDC 2023. During Apple’s developer conference, the company itself will make many announcements. For example, it will come up with new products and we can take a first look at the latest operating software. Especially that of the Apple Watch promises to be interesting.

If rumors are to be believed, Apple has a lot to offer at this WWDC. Most of course are about the new AR/VR glasses that will probably be called the Apple Reality. Still, something interesting is happening in the background as well, and we’re mainly looking at the Apple Watch, or rather watchOS 10.

Apple Watch during WWDC 2023

After the Apple Watch Ultra hit the market last year, this year seems to be a lot less in terms of new hardware in the field of wearables. The new Apple Watch will not get that many innovations with it. According to rumors, Apple would therefore want to work mainly on the smartwatch’s operating software. And that’s probably good news for you, too, because all Apple Watches (provided they’re not too old) will get this update.

We can probably get a first look at that during WWDC. After all, WatchOS seems to be getting a big shake-up. And maybe it’s even about time, since it has barely changed in recent years.

A different look

Anyway, what exactly can you expect with the Apple Watch? First, the overview seems to be on the upswing if we are to believe delicious Analyst941. His rumor is confirmed by several other sources. Now when you press the crown, you get to see all of the little circles in a honeycomb shape. That appears to be going to change to rows that you can scroll through vertically. In addition, watchOS 10 could recognize what time of day you need a particular widget.

That Apple is addressing that very point according to the rumors seems logical, as this is completely different from other software from the company. Consider iOS, for example.

Apple Watch Series 8 Mario KartAlready did exactly what it was supposed to do. (Image: Apple)

Widgets on the Apple Watch

Mark Gurman previously claimed that widgets would be coming to the iPhone. You know this feature from the iPhone. It would be possible to stack them on your Apple Watch, just as is already possible with the smartphone. You will then see these when you press the crown. There, as mentioned now, you will still find the overview.

Another rumor from Analyst941 is that you will soon be able to create folders on your Apple Watch, but this seems a bit more unlikely. The question is what Apple would like to do with this. For example, will it be like something on the iPhone where you can throw different apps into a folder? So far, that remains somewhat vague.

As mentioned, we will know more during the week of June 5 since that is when WWDC starts. Then Apple will also immediately roll out the first beta of watchOS 10.

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